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When looking for a designer handbag, it is easy to fall victim to scams and end up with a fake. Many suppliers are creating and selling replica handbags which appear very similar to the real thing. Upon closer inspection, there are several details that are often missed by those attempting to imitate a Jimmy Choo handbag.

Check the inside label. One of the quickest and easiest ways to spot an imitation is by looking at the label. Stitched to the interior of an authentic Jimmy Choo handbag is a metal label that is lilac in color, with a leather backing. Many imitations have labels which are an incorrect shade of lilac. The lettering on the label should be gold or silver and easily read.

Inspect the inside lining. The most sought-after and therefore most counterfeited Jimmy Choo models are Ramona and Riki. The interior of these bags will have a tan-colored moleskin lining, while imitations often use suede, satin or other fabric which will seldom match the natural camel tone of authentic bags.

Look for high quality hardware. An authentic Jimmy Choo bag will have hardware that is large and unique. The locking mechanism will feel fairly heavy and substantial. The lock on a fake bag will feel lighter and will make a hollow sound when the bag is closed. The zipper on the inside pocket will always be the same color as the bag, and should be engraved with the designer's name in clear, precise lettering.

Inspect the font. With some of the better knockoffs, the difference may only be noticeable in the lettering details. In the two MM's in JIMMY, the first line of each M should be very thin. The horizontal crossbar of the H in CHOO should be toward the top rather than in the center of the letter. The O's in CHOO should appear to be slightly dented, and more oval in shape rather than perfect circles.

Check any screws. All screws on the hardware of authentic Jimmy Choo handbags will be flat head screws and never Philips head. The lettering on the metal clasp should be horizontally and vertically centered between the two screw heads. The fonts should also be clean and clear and fully centered.


Purchasing a handbag from a reputable retail store is the best way to be certain it is authentic.


If you purchase from an online site or street vendor, be sure the item comes with a dust bag or an authenticity warranty and that there is a refund policy. It is illegal to sell a counterfeit and if one is purchased, report it and seek a full refund.