How to Spot a Fake Salvatore Ferragamo

By Lane Cummings

Salvatore Ferragamo is a high-end Italian designer of luxury goods. Ferragamo opened his first store in the United States in 1919 in Santa Barbara, California, where he quickly became a shoemaker for celebrities and movie stars. He soon opened a shop on Hollywood Boulevard, where he continued to design and sell shoes vigorously, often inspired by events or the world around him. Ferragamo continues to be a symbol of high quality and craftsmanship, and celebrities still wear his products. However, Ferragamo is an often-mimicked brand. With some smarts, you can distinguish between authentic Ferragamo products and the fakes.

Salvatore Ferragamo products have superior craftsmanship.

Step 1

Check the lining of your bag or tie. The lining should have "Salvatore Ferragamo" stitched into it. Fakes often have blank, solid colored lining.

Step 2

Check the tags of your product. An authentic product should have one to several tags, one of which has the serial number underneath. Fakes never have a serial number.

Step 3

Examine the font of the tags. The tags or labels should proclaim "Salvatore Ferragamo," and the font should match the font of this designer exactly: some of the letters should touch, others should not. Visit the official Salvatore Ferragamo website to double-check.

Step 4

Check all the hard or metal-based items attached to the item, if any. They should all have "Ferragamo" engraved on them. Check closely for misspellings.

Step 5

Look for a small white dust-bag, complete with a red drawstring mouth, if you are examining a handbag. Non-authentic bags rarely have this small trinket.