Can You Trim Eyelashes?

By Ivy Morris

Can you trim your eyelashes and should you trim your eyelashes are two very different questions. If long eyelashes -- whether natural or fake -- are bothersome for you, you can absolutely trim them. Before you reach for the scissors, however, consider the safety issues and ramifications of trimming your lashes.

Beauty female eye with curl long false eyelashes
credit: Valua Vitaly/Hemera/Getty Images
Trimming false eyelashes can make them look more natural.

How Lashes Grow

If luscious lashes are your goal, trimming them won't help. Despite beauty advice of the past, trimming eyelashes doesn't affect how thick or how fast they grow. Once lashes sprout, they grow at just a fraction of a millimeter a day until they eventually fall out and new lashes grow in their place.

How to Trim Lashes

When trimming your lashes, exercise caution to prevent injury to your eyes. Under bright lighting, use petite eyelash or eyebrow scissors. If you can, have a friend trim the lashes on your closed lids. For falsies, trim the outer edges of the lashes to fit the width of your eyes. To trim the length of falsies for a more natural look, cut the lashes near the inside corners of your eyes shorter than the rest.