Woman Eye with Eyelashes

Eyelashes act as a type of filter to keep dust and small particles out of our eyes. While eyes can still function without eyelashes, which may have been lost due to injury, burns, illness or chemotherapy, missing lashes can change the look of someone's face, and this can play a part in how a person is feeling about themselves. Replacing the lost lashes not only restores you to a natural look, but makes you feel better, too.

Replace Eyelashes Yourself

Use false eyelashes that are sold in a strip, choosing a color that is close to your natural hair color. The eyelashes should not be lavish and thick if you are going for a natural look. The length of the eyelashes should be close to what yours once were. It is better to buy longer if you are not sure of the length, since you can always trim them to size. The eyelashes that are secured with lash glue stay in place better than the ones with the adhesive strip.

Before applying your strip eyelash, hold it up to your eye while looking in the mirror. Make sure the lashes are not too long. If they are, trim them, taking off a little length at a time. Once the length is correct, sparingly apply the glue along the foundation of the eyelashes. Apply them to your eyelids. Start from the inside corner of your eye, near the nose and continue to the outside corner. After both eyes have their lashes and the glue is dry, apply a light coating of mascara if you want to thicken or darken the lashes.

Apply small groups of eyelash extensions to areas that are missing eyelashes if you still have some of your own. The extensions that fan out will work best for filling in spaces where the lashes are sparse. Put a small droplet of glue on a piece of foil or wax paper and dip the bottom of the fan lashes in the glue using tweezers. Then gently apply the lashes to your natural lashes. These will fan out, giving the appearance of thicker lashes. Allow to dry completely and apply a light coat of mascara if you want a thicker or darker appearance to the lashes.

Applying eyeliner in two thin lines along your eyelid will give the appearance of lashes. Using a medium brown liner, draw a line along the area where your natural lashes grow. Next to this line, apply another line in a lighter brown shade. Make the line darker towards the eye and lighter towards the lid. For the bottom line of lashes, use just one line of the darker brown, again along the line of your natural lashes.


  • Another option for giving the appearance of lashes is the tattooing technique. This is done by a professional and is a permanent application. The tattoo gives the appearance of lashes. It is a subtle line that does not give a harsh appearance to your face, if applied correctly.