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False lashes add drama to your eyes, fatten-up thin fringe and make your eyes extra flirty. If you are allergic to eyelash glue but still want to wear fake falsies, self-adhesive lashes are one goof-proof method to add va-va-voom volume to your eyes. To accessorize your eyes best, put on fake eyelashes after you apply your foundation, concealer and eye makeup.

Curl lashes with an eyelash curler. Lift your chin while looking straight into a mirror. Squeeze the curler gently at the base of the lashes and hold for two to five seconds. Move and press the curler gently up toward the edge of the lashes to create a slight bend in your natural eyelashes.

Measure the strip of lashes against your upper lash line. If your lash strip is too long, cut the end of the lash with a pair of small scissors to create the perfect fit.

Pull the small plastic strip off the back of the self-adhesive lashes. Gently bend the lash into a U-shape to prep the lashes for your natural hairs. Bending the lashes ensures that they mold to the natural lashes without lifting up at the corners.

Using tweezers, place the lash along your lash line. Closing one eye, gently pull your skin taut near the outer corner of the eye. Using the tips of your fingers, gently press the lashes down onto your natural hairs. Repeat until you’ve covered both lashes with the self-adhesive fringe.

Let the adhesive cling to your natural lashes for 60 seconds or more. Gently tug on the corner of your lashes to make sure the fringe stays put. To create a natural-looking lash line, cover both the real and fake fringe with one long swipe of dark brown or black liquid eyeliner.

Apply two coats of mascara to help the lashes blend in with your real fringe.


If your lashes are straight, apply one coat of mascara -- before applying the falsies--- to help the lashes bind to your natural fringe.

You can purchase self-adhesive lashes at your local beauty supply or neighborhood drugstore.


To keep the lashes in place, avoid playing with them or rubbing your eyes. Don’t tug your lashes to remove. Take them off gently with a dampened cloth or a cotton pad soaked in eye makeup remover.