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If your natural eyelashes lack length and volume, give them a boost with a pair of false lashes. False eyelashes help you achieve a dramatic look that works for events such as dates, costume parties or dinners at your favorite restaurant. When properly applied, false eyelashes blend in well with your natural lashes, so it's difficult to tell them apart. You can apply false lashes in just a few minutes, even if you've never worn them before.

Step 1

Hold one of the false eyelashes against your eye to check its length. If the false eyelash is longer than your real eyelash, cut off the outer edge with nail scissors so both are the same length.

Step 2

Bend the false eyelashes into a "C" shape so they fit the curve of your eyes.

Step 3

Apply a line of glue to the false eyelash strip. If you have trouble doing this, try applying the glue with a toothpick or cotton swab.

Step 4

Wait a few seconds for the glue to dry slightly before applying the lashes. Blow on the glue to speed up the drying process, if desired.

Step 5

Press the false eyelash down over your natural eyelash line. The cut end of the eyelash should go over the outer corner of your eye.

Step 6

Squeeze the false eyelash and your natural eyelash together gently with your thumb and index finger.

Step 7

Repeat this process with the other eye.

Step 8

Apply mascara to the false eyelashes so they blend in with your natural eyelashes. Curl the eyelashes with a crimping tool, if desired.


Most false eyelash kits come with a small tube of glue. If this glue doesn't stick as well as you'd like, you can also buy a higher quality glue that helps false eyelashes stay on longer.


Use black eyeshadow or eyeliner to hide gaps between false eyelashes and your own lashes.


To remove your false eyelashes, apply oil-based makeup remover to a cotton swab. Dab the lash line with the makeup remover. Open your eyes and grasp the outer corner of the false eyelash. Close your eyes and carefully pull the eyelash away from your eye. Repeat the process with the other eye.


Wash your false eyelashes no more than once a week. Too much washing will cause the fibers to break.