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Applying false eyelashes enhances your eyes, especially if you have sparse natural lashes. However, it's important to make the false lashes blend in with your real ones. Curling them when you curl your own lashes is one way to blend the two, but you need to be more careful when you're curling lashes that have been glued. A little extra care with the proper technique is all that's needed to curl false eyelashes.

Place your false eyelashes, according to the manufacturer's instructions. Allow the glue to dry thoroughly before attempting to curl them.

Place your open eyelash curler close to the base of your lashes. Your natural and false lashes must be within the curler.

Gently squeeze the eyelash curler closed to determine if you're excessively pulling at any of your false lashes or are close enough to pinch the skin of your eyelid. If you are, move the curler a little higher up the lash. Once you have the eyelash curler in a comfortable spot, squeeze the handles firmly and hold for 10 to 15 seconds.

Release the curler and move it halfway up the lash section. Squeeze the curler firmly on your lashes again. Hold for another 10 to 15 seconds. Repeat this process on the ends of your lashes as well.

Apply a coat of mascara to your newly curled lashes to help bond and keep their shape.


Always follow the manufacturer's instructions regarding the wearing and removal of false eyelashes.

Do not use heated eyelash curlers on false lashes.