Can False Eyelashes Damage Natural Lashes?

By Yvonne Van Damme

False eyelashes are used to make natural eyelashes looker fuller and more lush. They come in different lengths, from short to dramatically long. They are made from various materials and come in different colors. False lashes are glued on using some type of eyelash adhesive. False eyelashes can damage natural lashes if they are applied or removed incorrectly. Even if application and removal are done correctly false lashes may still damage natural lashes.



There are a few different types of false eyelashes. The majority of them are made out of synthetic materials mixed with silk; more luxurious ones are made from fox hair. Fox hair lashes are very expensive—about $1,000 per set—while standard false lashes cost between $5 and $40 per set. Strip lashes are applied to the entire length of the eye. Individual false lashes are placed individually along the lash line.

The type of eyelash glue you use can determine how long the eyelashes will stay in place. Standard white glue dries clear and lasts for one to two days. There are longer-lasting glues that can keep lashes in place for up to a week or more. This type of glue is generally used on individual lashes.


The type of eyelash glue you use may also affect your natural lashes. Long-wearing eyelash glues are made of stronger chemicals and are designed to keep lashes in place for several days. Thus, it puts more strain on the natural lashes. However, even false lashes that are applied with standard glue can cause natural lashes to fall out or be pulled out in some cases. This is not permanent damage. Eyelashes will grow back within six to eight weeks.


Application of false eyelashes is key to protecting natural lashes. Eyelash glue should be applied right above the eyelashes. It's best to avoid getting glue on the natural lashes.

The removal of false eyelashes can be tricky. If not done properly, natural eyelashes can be accidentally pulled out in the process. It's best to use a waterproof eye makeup remover to dissolve glue. Apply it to the base of the lashes, next to the glue. Next, remove false lashes very slowly and gently. Do not just pull the false lashes off without first applying an eye makeup remover. Doing so will almost certainly result in losing many natural eyelashes.


One way to prevent damage to natural lashes is to not wear false eyelashes. Wearing them less often will help as well.

If the natural eyelashes have already been damaged, there are a few options. Latisse is the only FDA-approved eyelash treatment. It is dispensed by prescription only. An over-the-counter option is Marini Lash. It claims to help regrow lashes.


Do not get eyelash glue in your eyes. If there is excessive burning when using the glue, discontinue use immediately. Contact lens wearers need to be careful when using false lashes as the glue can transfer to the contact lens.