Forget trying mascara after mascara to make your eyelashes enviable. Eyelash extensions provide a more long-term solution, allowing you to show off long, well-defined lashes for four to six weeks. Once the extensions are applied, you must adhere to carefully designed cosmetic routine to extend the life of your faux fringe.

Today’s eyelash extensions are clusters of synthetic fibers that are glued to your natural eyelashes to enhance them. Surgical glue, a strong adhesive, is used to apply the lashes and keep them in place for up to six weeks.

When applied, these clusters are broken down into individual lashes and glued onto your existing eyelashes one by one. An aesthetician may glue as many as 120 individual lashes to each lash line during a process that can take as long as one to three hours.

Once your extension are set, you’re ready to establish a makeup routine that shows off your gorgeous new lashes. You can wear eyeliner with your to play up your eyes, but you might need to replace the liner you already have in your makeup bag.

Liquid, cream and pencil liners are risky with eyelash extensions. Many liquid-based eyeliners may have oil in them. Cream liners may leave a residue on your extensions, which can make them more difficult to remove. Pencil liners, when applied, drag along the lash line, which can result in pulling and tugging on the lashes that might tangle them.

Powder eyeliner works best with eyelash extensions. Make sure you opt for an oil-free formulation, because oil can weigh down the lashes and result in premature loss of the extensions.


Less is more when it comes to applying eyeliner with eyelash extensions. More liner means more potential buildup on your lashes, so use less eye makeup than you usually wear. After all, you have those stunning lashes to show off, so you don’t need much more.

Once you’ve chosen an oil-free powdered eyeliner, gently apply it to your lash line. Dip a thin, angled brush into the powder, and tap the brush to eliminate any lingering powder. Then, very gently dab the brush along your upper and lower lash lines to apply the liner. You want to minimize contact with the extensions because any rough contact can pull them off.

Remove your powder eyeliner daily to avoid any buildup on your faux lashes. Wet a cotton ball with oil-free eye makeup remover, or use a cotton swab, which gives you precision when you’re removing the makeup. Apply the remover side to side along your lash line to erase the eyeliner. Then brush upward, away from the lashes, to clean your lids. Never wipe the cotton ball or swab downward toward your eyelash extensions, which can cause them to fall off.