Long, curly eyelashes

Eyelash perming seems like a miracle—lashes stay curled for one and a half to three months. Bye bye eyelash curler, hello time saver! Unfortunately, some people do have adverse reactions to this procedure. Before deciding to try it, know the risks.

The Risks of Eyelash Perming

First thing: blindness is a possible hazard. That alone might make it seem so not worth it. But even if the chances of losing your vision may be slim, there are other reasons to be wary. Using potent chemicals on lashes makes them fall out more quickly than they normally would; the life span of a lash is typically around five months, and perming can reduce that to two months after the procedure. Lashes may also become brittle and break off, appearing much shorter. Allergic reactions are common, and irritated eyes have to be soothed with eye drops for a few days after the perm.

To be as safe as possible, do not attempt to perm your lashes at home. Go to a qualified aesthetician instead.


You may decide against eyelash perming because of the risks, but of course, you still want amazing lashes. Extensions are a safer alternative, and they're also semi-permanent. There's always good old-fashioned makeup, too. An eyelash curler coupled with a lengthening or curling mascara goes a long way. Even experiment with falsies if you wish.


An eyelash perm does not make lashes darker or longer; the curl simply makes them appear longer for a time, but they do not actually grow. If you're seeking a darker tint, your safest bet is to reach for mascara instead.