Healing Time for Permanent Eyebrows

By Barbie Carpenter

Permanent makeup involves tattooing ink onto your skin to create the appearance of makeup. Using a tattoo pen applied to the top layer of your skin, your technician can create permanent eyebrows that are more defined than natural brows. After a permanent eyebrow procedure, expect a healing time of about three to 10 days, depending on how your skin reacts.

Permanent make up on eyebrows
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A woman getting permanent eye make up applied.

Healing: Immediately After the Procedure

After your permanent eyebrows are applied, you may notice that the area is puffy, red, crusty or even itchy. Slight swelling of the tattooed area is also possible.

These symptoms are normal and do not require medical care. Cold packs can help ease any discomfort or minimize any swelling. Expect these initial reactions to the procedure to dissipate after a few days.

If crusting occurs, avoid picking, scratching or washing off the crust, steps that can also remove some of the tattooed ink and slow down the healing process.

After-Care Treatment

Following the after-care instructions as outlined by your technician following permanent eyebrow application is an essential part of the process.

  • Moisture: Apply a skin-healing ointment on your permanent eyebrows using a clean cotton swab four times a day to ensure the area stays well hydrated.

  • Makeup: Wait 3 to 5 days to wear makeup on the newly pigmented eyebrows.

  • Washing: Avoid washing your permanent eyebrows for five days. This includes avoiding soaps, facial cleansers and any water applied to your eyebrows.

  • Sun exposure: Avoid direct sun exposure as your permanent eyebrows heal.

Adhering to these after-care guidelines can help your eyebrows heal.

Long-Term Care

Your newly tattooed permanent eyebrows will likely heal within 10 days of application, but they require long-term care to keep them looking their best.

Protection from the sun's harmful rays is especially important with permanent makeup, as the sun's rays can lead to fading. Sunscreen can help extend the life of your permanent eyebrows and should be applied to the area daily.

Schedule a follow-up appointment with your permanent cosmetic professional for about three weeks after your appointment. At this point, you can assess the color of your brows and determine if any touch-ups are needed.

Touch-ups may also be required about one to two years after your first session.

Healing Issues: When to Call a Doctor

When your reactions to permanent eyebrows go beyond the typical slight swelling, redness and crusting, you may need to contact your doctor. In some instances, allergic reactions to the dye in the tattoo ink can occur.

If you notice any extreme reactions, such as blistering, scarring or developing granulomas, which are masses inside your skin tissue, contact your doctor. Likewise, if your swelling and irritation persist for more than a few days, reach out to your health care provider to determine whether an allergic reaction has occurred.