Aftercare Advice On Eyelash Perming

An eyelash perm is ideal for people who like to look their best without makeup. Eyelash perms create a permanent "flip" to the eyelashes that generally can only be accomplished with an eyelash curler and some serious mascara. In order to get the most out of an eyelash perm, you need to make sure you care for your lashes properly once the treatment is finished.


Eyelash perms work in a similar manner to hair perms. The treatments chemically alter the structure of your eyelashes so that they curl up all the time. Most of the aftercare treatments for eyelash perming have as much to do with protecting your eyes from irritation as with preserving your curl. However, the two go hand in hand.

Time Frame

Eyelash perms take about an hour to complete, but the effects can last up to four weeks if you care for them properly. Once you are done with the procedure, you should immediately wash your hands so that you do not accidentally get chemicals in your eyes. You should not shower or wash your eye area for at least a day after the treatment to allow the process to set. Generally, swimming should be ruled out as it will break down an eyelash perm in a matter of minutes.


Aftercare for an eyelash perm is simple and mostly common sense. Since your eyes will probably be irritated from having chemicals so close to them, avoid rubbing them or touching the eye area. Also stay out of the sunlight, as this will make a perm fade more quickly. There are not any aftercare products for eyelash perms, but your actions will determine how long your it stays active. The less makeup you apply to your permed eyelashes, the longer the perm will stay.


If you are going to get an eyelash perm, factor in the requisite aftercare when you make your plans. For example, shower before the treatment if you will be going out afterward. Make sure that you do not plan to spend the day in the sun immediately after the procedure. Also, allow yourself time to put a damp, cotten wool compress on your eyes if they become red and inflamed.


Many people think that eyelash perms are actually permanent because eyelashes do not grow like hair. However, even with the best care, an eyelash perm will last a maximum of six weeks because your eyelashes are constantly growing and then falling out when they reach their maximum length. Proper aftercare will preserve a perm, but it will not prevent natural eyelash loss.


Eyelash perming involves some pretty serious chemicals, and if you get them in your eyes they can damage your vision and even cause you to go blind. If you experience serious problems after an eyelash perm, consult a doctor immediately. It is far better to wash out your eyes and lose your perm than to suffer permanent consequences to your vision. Eyelash perming is illegal in some states because of the close proximity of dangerous chemicals to the eyes.