This time of year generally coincides with lots of holiday parties, money spending and time crunches. Instead of letting it stress us out, we teamed up with Gina Wade, of the Hollywood creative event agency responsible for some of the biggest Hollywood soirées including Grammy afterparties, Gina Wade Creative. Gina, as you might guess, is a literal genius when it comes to entertaining and decorating. She is taking us through three major steps that keep your home looking festive, without breaking the bank or accumulating lots of random ornaments throughout the house. Take a look:

Step one: Build off of existing color

Silvers and mixed metals make a much larger impact than colors that clash with your existing decor (say, if you were to go red and green). Basic white china, votives and planters can easily build off of small holiday items like silver ornaments or white pumpkins.

Step two: Monochromic holiday elements

Pick your favorite color and pick a lot of different elements that fit into that color concept, instead of having an eclectic look, going monochromic will give you an elevated design concept.

Step three: Swap out existing decor

Buy some very inexpensive but fun throw pillows, vases, and tchotchkes that you can easily switch out and back through the holiday season. This gives the holiday vibe all throughout your home!

Thank you to @ginawadecreative and stay tuned for our second video all around entertaining on the fly!