What Kind of Hats Look Good on a Lady With a Big Nose?

By Lindsay Christinee

Shopping for a hat can be a daunting experience for a female, particularly if she has a less than flattering nose. Wearing the wrong style of hat could highlight a prominent nose. Find a hat that flatters your face by knowing the correct shapes and cuts of ones to look for. It's good to understand whether your nose is long, wide or square shaped to understand how to downplay that feature. It's also wise to know how to play up your other features to look flattering in a hat.

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Feel confident in a hat that draws attention away from a larger nose.

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Understand Hat Terminology

Before choosing a hat, figure out how hats are supposed to fit by learning certain words. The "crown" is the top part of the hat, the "brim" is the protruding edge of the hat, and the "band" is the material that is over the bottom part of the crown and visually separates the crown from the brim. As a general rule of thumb, wear your hat forward on the face rather than back on the head to balance a big nose.

Long Noses

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A cloche is a style with softer lines to balance a prominent nose.

Balance a prominent nose in a hat with softer lines and a wider brim. If you have a long and big nose, seek out hats with a flared brim like floppy hats, newsboys and cloches. These styles will cover your forehead and balance out the length of your nose. Avoid narrow brims that will add length to your face and nose. Newsboys are soft fabric cap with a full crown and visor that snaps to the crown. A cloche is a soft style hat that covers the head to the back of the neck.

Wide Noses

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Fedoras have a higher crown and brim to balance a wide nose.

Choose a hat with a high crown and a higher brim to distract from a broad nose. Ensure that the crown of your hat isn't wider than your cheekbones as this will only add roundness to your features. Look for hats with a peaked or slanted brim such as a fedora. These hats are soft flet hats creased lengthwise down the crown and pinched on both sides. Tilt the fedora to add an air of mystery and to downplay a wide nose.

Strong Square Noses

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Wear a floppy hat to soften a strong nose.

Add softness to the intensity of a strong square nose in a hat with a rounded crown. Bare in mind that this style also lengthens the face, so wear this style if you have a square or small face and a prominent nose. Look for floppy or bowler hats. Bowler hats are hard felt hats with a high crown and a short brim.

Complement Your Positive Features with Colors

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Highlight blue eyes in a blue hat.

Highlight and complement other features to district from your nose. Go for hats that enhance your eye color. For example, blue eyes stand out in a blue or purple hat or a hat with those colors on the band. Choose a rose or fuchsia hat if you're lipstick is pink to highlight your lips. Remember that not every hat looks good on every complexion. Pale complexions look best in dark blue or grey, olive complexions in brown or green, and dark complexions in browns. All complexions appear to glow in jewel tones like smoky quartz, pale citrine and amethyst.