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Finding the right footwear to complement a peach-colored formal dress takes a combination of good fashion sense and knowledge about color schemes. With both of these tools, you can pick the most appropriate shoe color to make sure that your next step in a formal peach-colored dress looks great.


When working with a vibrant color like peach, utilizing neutral colors for your shoes can blend and support this hue. Neutral colors are based off of shades of brown, gray, white, black and navy blue. For a formal peach frock, black, silver or gold are neutrals that work particularly well.

The Color Wheel

Known as the color wheel, this twelve-part circle represents categories of colors which are based off the three-part primary color wheel of yellow, red and blue. When used properly, the color wheel allows you to utilize color harmony, or a balance between color choices, to ensure outfit choices are always appropriate. Color harmony is based on either complementary colors or nature-based colors.

Complementary Color Scheme

A complementary color scheme is when two colors that are exactly opposite on the color wheel are matched. For a dressy peach gown, blue shoes would be most appropriate. This is based off the orange-based hue of peach being the complementary match to blue on the color wheel, as they are opposite each other. When choosing blue shoes, pick a hue of blue that balances out the peach. For example, if your dress is a very bright, vibrant peach, choose a darker shade of blue, as bright blue shoes, such as aqua, would compete with the peach in the dress.

Nature-Based Color Scheme

Utilize the natural origins of the color peach by looking to an actual peach fruit for a nature-based color scheme. With the green of the leaves and the light brown of the tree branches, a nature-based color scheme would be peach, earth-toned green, such as the hues of green leaves or grass, and shades of nude. Choosing a nude shoe option also makes legs appear longer by visually tricking the eye, as the legs and feet would all be one color. The nude hue should match your skin tone.