The Best Eyeliner Colors for Brown Eyes

By Alan Faeorin-Cruich

Eyeliner comes in every color of the rainbow and more. Shades, tints, metallics and glitter are only a few of the choices that shoppers have. The colors you choose will depend on your style and the natural color of your eyes. Choosing the correct eyeliner can either bring out your natural color of your eyes or mask it to suit another style. For a more defined look and bolder color statement, apply eyeliner thickly and to both eyelids.

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When it comes to makeup, choosing the right color for your individual eyes is very important.

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Choose light colors for eyeliner to subtly highlight the best qualities of your brown eyes. Apply small amounts of a light shade that matches closely your eye color. Browns, champagne and peaches are good colors to choose. Be sure to match this shade with your eyeshadow. This will make the eye look larger and draw out the natural color. Stay away from black eyeliner; this will overpower brown eyes--charcoal grey is a good alternative to black.


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For a dramatic, eye-catching effect, choose dark shades of eyeliner and apply thickly. Choose dark grays and browns for the eyeliner. To make the eyes a major statement, neutral colors should be chosen for the rest of facial makeup, otherwise the dramatic effect of the eyes would be lost.

Metallic Futuristic

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Use metallic eyeliner to enhance your eyes and give you a futuristic look. Brown eyes suit metallic colors in the gold and bronze range. According to, these tones will accentuate the natural beauty of brown eyes and help them stand out and look larger than life, in an attractive way.

Glittering Tones

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Bright peaches and pinks applied to the corner of the eye will brighten the eyes and make the brown color much lighter. This can be partnered with glittering colored tones of eyeshadow for a bright glittering look. Using eyeliner of the upper lid only will create the effect of a wider, much brighter eye.