Is My Gucci Watch Fake?

By LeafTV Editor

With fake Gucci watches sold via the Internet and in back alleys by shady street vendors, bargain-hunting Gucci lovers need to know how to identify the real deal. If you are looking for authentic Gucci watches and cannot afford to pay top dollar at Gucci boutiques or upscale department stores, you need trusted insider information and clues to authenticity. From the history of fine Gucci craftsmanship to tips on recognizing a real Gucci watch from a fake replica, learn how to analyze authentic Gucci merchandise from its widely available, yet cheaply-crafted impostors.

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Is My Gucci Watch Fake



According to, in 1921, Guccio Gucci opened a luggage store in Florence, Italy. His store featured hand-crafted leather goods combined the elite workmanship of Tuscan artisan with the opulent aesthetic of European nobility. Knockoffs or unauthorized replicas of Gucci merchandise first appeared in the late 1970s and early 1980s.


The introduction of the Gucci Accessory Collection in 1979 gave customers access to Gucci merchandise at a lower price point, but helped to diminish the rich history and exclusivity of the brand. Gucci Timepieces was first created in November 1997. Gucci timepieces were widely available at mid-price department stores, but are no longer sold in establishments that do not carry luxury goods exclusively.


Gucci sells three categories of timepieces: automatic watches, quartz watches and bracelet watches. Gucci watches are crafted out of white gold, yellow gold or stainless steel. The watches include styles for men and women and are available from a low of $895 to a high of $12,900 for the 2008 horsebit cocktail collection watch. Authentic Gucci watches are sold only in authorized Gucci boutiques, department stores and on


Most fake Gucci watches use cheaper materials such as sterling silver or gold overlay. The metals used in authentic Gucci watches are denser and heavier. A fake Gucci watch will be considerably lighter than its authentic counterpart. Gucci watches utilize Swiss movement and always have a crest logo engraved on the back of the watch face. It is important to note that the insignias and logos located on the back of authentic Gucci watches vary with each season and watch design.


Fake Gucci watches are widely available on the Internet, sold by street vendors and even available in independent fashion boutiques. Beware of buying Gucci watches online. Unscrupulous sellers on eBay and countless replica websites sell fake Gucci watches daily. Look for proof of purchase, identifying serial numbers and sales associate numbers to verify when and where the Gucci watch was purchased. If the price point of the watch is lower than 35 percent off of the retail price, the Gucci watch is usually a fabulous fake.