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Michele watches are known for Swiss quality, interchangeable bands and flashy styling. But clever manufacturers have learned how to replicate a Michele watch. Protect yourself by learning how to spot a fake. You could save yourself a lot of disappointment by making sure you know those red flags that tell you the Michele watch you are considering buying isn't the real deal.

Examine the strap. All authentic Michele watches have removable straps. If it's a leather strap, the stitching should be smooth and even, and the thread should be the same color as the strap itself. If the watch has a metal or steel band, try it on to see the links are secure, but aren't stiff. Michele watches are known for their comfort.

Look for a distinctive insignia on the watch face. A true Michele watch will have a tiny, red "m" insignia with a small red crown on top of it.

Compare the watch style to those found on the Michele website. Creators of replica Michele watches may fashion a watch that looks like Michele watches, but you may see something different in a model on the website.

Check on the warranty information. Michele watches have a two year warranty on parts and internal components. If the seller cannot verify that there is a warranty, tells you that it is expired or lets you know that a warranty isn't available, he may be trying to sell you a fake.


Purchase your Michele watch from an authorized dealer. Reputable stores like Nordstrom, Saks Fifth Avenue and Filene's Basement are all authorized to sell Michele watches. A reseller who does not have a store location, can only be found online or is trying to sell to you secondhand should be avoided no matter how good the discount is.