How to Spot a Fake Michele Watch

By Kay Ireland

Michele watches are known for Swiss quality, interchangeable bands and flashy styling. But clever manufacturers have learned how to replicate a Michele watch. Protect yourself by learning how to spot a fake. You could save yourself a lot of disappointment by making sure you know those red flags that tell you the Michele watch you are considering buying isn't the real deal.

Man repairing wristwatches
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Watch repair shop

Step 1

Examine the strap. All authentic Michele watches have removable straps. If it's a leather strap, the stitching should be smooth and even, and the thread should be the same color as the strap itself. If the watch has a metal or steel band, try it on to see the links are secure, but aren't stiff. Michele watches are known for their comfort.

Step 2

Look for a distinctive insignia on the watch face. A true Michele watch will have a tiny, red "m" insignia with a small red crown on top of it.

Step 3

Compare the watch style to those found on the Michele website. Creators of replica Michele watches may fashion a watch that looks like Michele watches, but you may see something different in a model on the website.

Step 4

Check on the warranty information. Michele watches have a two year warranty on parts and internal components. If the seller cannot verify that there is a warranty, tells you that it is expired or lets you know that a warranty isn't available, he may be trying to sell you a fake.