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The designer brand Gucci began in Florence, Italy, in 1921 when Guccio Gucci opened a small leather goods store. The Gucci company expanded, and began producing luxury watches in 1972. Gucci remains one of the leading watch manufacturers and producers worldwide. Gucci sells three categories of timepieces: automatic watches, quartz watches and bracelet watches. Gucci watches are among the most replicated. Counterfeit Gucci watches look authentic but are made with inferior mechanisms, hold no value, and are illegal. Before purchasing a Gucci watch, look for red-flags indicating it's a fake.

Examine the face of the watch. Gucci watches are precise, numbers are uniform and perfectly spaced. Numbers on a fake might have odd spacing and vary in size. Study the minute and second hands. Gucci watches use Swiss quartz movement that is smooth. The words "Swiss made" appear on the bottom center of the face under the 6 o'clock position. Hand movement on replicas might tick or stick.

Turn the watch over. Most authentic Gucci watches have the model number on the back. If you see nothing but a crest, or a crest and the Gucci name, the watch is likely fake. No authentic Gucci watches display just the crest and name without additional markings. Crests on replica Gucci's are typically larger than the crest on real watches. Visit Gucci's website to become familiar with watch markings.

Feel the weight of the watch. Gucci watches are made from solid materials. A fake Gucci watch will be considerably lighter than its authentic counterpart. Gucci watches are usually made of stainless steel or gold. Check the links. They are metal on authentic Gucci but fakes have hollow links.

Look for authentic pictures of the watch if you are buying it from an online store or auction site. The photos should be in high-resolution so you see details. The merchant should not show stock photos of the watch. The pictures should be of the specific piece that's for sale. Request more photos if you are in doubt of the watch's authenticity.

Look for proof of purchase if buying a used Gucci watch. Determine where the watch was originally purchased. Your Gucci watch should come packaged with an authenticity card or certificate of authenticity. Check the serial number. Gucci watches have their own markings that help certify their authenticity. If you know the serial number of the watch you're looking to purchase, you'll be able to contact a jeweler or Gucci watch retailer to verify the authenticity of the watch prior to making a purchase.

Consider the price. A new, authentic Gucci watch will range from $650 to thousands of dollars. If the price of the watch is lower than 35 percent off of the retail price, the Gucci watch is likely a fake.


Ensure that your Gucci watch is authentic by purchasing it directly from the manufacturer. For Gucci's 3900 series watches, some fake Gucci watches have the crest on the back. The 3900 series authentic Gucci watches do not have the crest on the back. Insignias and logos located on the back of authentic Gucci watches vary between season and watch designs.


Knock-off Gucci watches are widely available on the Internet, sold by street vendors and available in independent fashion boutiques. Selling a counterfeit Gucci watch is illegal in the United States.