By Si Kingston

Nixon watches are replicated by counterfeiters and sold all over the world. Authentic Nixon watches are sold for up to $3,000, making them attractive to counterfeiters looking to cash in on the watchmaker's success. High-end replica watches are difficult to spot, as they will often feel and look just like the originals. There are some things that you can look for to determine whether or not the watch is a fake.


Go to the Nixon website and compare the style and look of the watch with actual Nixon watches. If the watch being sold is new, it will be featured on the Nixon website. Compare the color, watch hands, linkage and other features to make sure they look exactly alike. Also compare the trade name "Nixon" in the bezel; make sure the font looks exactly the same.

Compare the listed price of the suspected counterfeit watch with the price of the actual watch on the Nixon website. Unless the watch is used, the listed price of the watch should not be more than 10 to 20 percent cheaper than the price listed on the Nixon website for that particular watch. Nixon watches range from $60 to $3000 dollars.

Verify that the dealer is authorized to sell Nixon watches. Nixon lists all authorized dealers on its website (see Resources). If the dealer is not listed, the Nixon watch could be fake. (The Nixon dealer database does not include private sellers selling used watches.)

Check the Nixon packaging. Each new Nixon watch is sold with a user manual and comes in a Nixon watch box. Each box has a compartment where extra links and pins are stored. Each user manual contains information specific to the operation of that specific watch and features a water resistance rating chart. Many frauds sell "new" Nixon watches without a box or user manual.

Call Nixon's customer service department at 888-455-9200. Submit the watch serial number to the representative to see if the number is legitimate.