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If you find a Coach watch for sale online or in a store, make sure it's authentic before paying top dollar for it. Be certain that it's a design that Coach actually manufactures in a Coach store, catalogue or company website. You can evaluate small details, such as logos and stitching, that will signal whether the watch is really a Coach. Keep in mind that if a sale price seems too good to be true, it's probably a fake.

Spot a Fake Coach Watch

Evaluate the weight and feel of the watch. Coach products are high quality and will be made of leather or stainless steel, depending on the watch style. Anything that is obviously plastic, fake leather or lightweight metal is likely fake.

Look at the leather stitching under a magnifying glass. High-quality Coach products will have even stitching. If you have a metal watch, look at the links and make sure they are well constructed.

Evaluate the Coach logo. This can be a huge indicator of a fake. Some fake Coach products use a similar logo with a G instead of the Coach C. For signature Coach logo items, there should be two Cs together, facing the same direction, in each row. If the Cs are not in groups of two, it's a fake logo.

Look for a style number on the watch band or behind the faceplate. You can log on to Coach's website and search for the style number to make sure it's an authentic style. Browse the Coach website for watch styles to make sure that the watch is one the company actually makes.


Consider where you buy the watch. Sellers on eBay, websites or small stores that do not regularly sell Coach products could be selling counterfeits.


If a price is too good to be true, it's likely fake.