The Smart Health Heart Rate Monitor watch is different from a traditional digital watch. Not only can it tell you the date and time, but it can also measure your pulse. Since most people have never seen a watch like this, it can be difficult to know how to use it. But it's no harder to use than other digital sports watches. All that’s required is that you push a few buttons in the right sequence.

Set the time and date. Push the "Mode" button on the side of the watch until you see the time setting. This button is on the bottom left, adjacent to the word “Mode” printed on the face of the watch. Hold the button for three seconds to enter the "Settings" screen. You will notice that the seconds are flashing.

Push the “Start/Stop” button on the top right to move forward, and the “Reset” button on the bottom right to decrease the number.

Push "Mode" again so the minutes flash. Repeat Step 2 to set them. When you're finished, push "Mode" again to set the hours. Repeat Step 2. Keep doing the same until you have the day, year and month set as well. When you finish the day setting, which will be the last one, press "Mode" and choose either Standard Time or military time by using the "Start/Stop" button to pick “12 HR” or “24 HR.” Then push "Mode" for three seconds to save the information.

Measure your heart rate. Strap the watch securely onto your wrist. Make it fit very tightly but be sure not to cut off your circulation. Look for the two sensors, which lie above and below the watch’s face. Put your index finger on the top one and your middle finger on the bottom one, or vice versa if your watch is on your left hand.

Press down with your bottom finger until the numbers on the face flash, signifying that the watch is switching to heart rate mode. Now press down with both fingers and wait about five seconds for the watch to take your pulse. It will beep when it’s finished.