How to Use Loose Eye Shadow for Lipstick

By LeafTV Editor

Many of today's all natural mineral and other loose powdered eye shadow products can also be used to make unique and beautiful lipsticks. The more traditional woman will likely stick to simpler colors in varying shades of pink, coral, berry, browns, and metallics. However, young teens and those women who like an edgier look, may explore out of the ordinary shades in blue, black, green and more.

  • All natural mineral or other loose powdered eye shadows
  • Lipstick brush and/or eyeliner brush
  • Lip balm and/or clear lip gloss
  • Small plate or bowl
  • Wax paper

Identify existing eye shadow colors in the make-up kit with which to experiment or make a trip to a store to purchase one or two colors to try out. Choose colors that can pull reasonable double duty as both an eye shadow and lipstick. Also purchase a lipstick and/or eyeliner brush, lip balm and/or clear lip gloss if these items don't exist with the make-up kit.

Pour a limited amount of the loose eye shadow powder into a small bowl or plate.

Using an eyeliner or lipstick brush, put a bit of the lip balm or clear lip gloss just on the tip. Dip the brush into the eye shadow powder. On wax paper, swipe the brush to mix the powder into the bristles to dampen it with the balm or gloss.

Outline the lips with the brush as prepared in Step 3 above. This step is optional, only for those who desire to use a lip liner prior to applying the actual color onto the lips.

Dip the lip balm or the gloss applicator into the loose eye shadow to pick up the color. Swipe the balm or lip gloss across the lips. Repeat the application until the depth of color desired is obtained.

Make both lips look fuller by using a lighter shade in the same color group or a metallic just in the center of the lips. To make a thinner upper or lower lip look more in line with the other, use this step's process just on the thinner of the two lips.

  • Many lip minerals and eye shadows have heavier pigments of color that hold longer on the lips than traditional lipsticks.

  • Mix various loose colors together to create a one-of-a-kind lip color.

  • Mix a metallic into any lip shade to create a beautiful nighttime lipstick.

  • Add a shimmer of metallic over the top of a lip color for a night on the town.

  • Many loose and cake blushes can also be used to create lipstick.

  • Experiment with out of the ordinary shades for an edgier look for a party or event.

  • Use a deeper shade of powder in the same color group to outline the lips to make them appear fuller.

  • Use the lip lining method described in Step 4 outside of the normal lip line to extend the lips.

  • High quality eyeliner and lip brushes work much better than the cheaper variety.

  • By choosing Vitamin E, lanolin, shea butter, moisturizers or other infused lip balms, it is possible to condition the lips while color them.