How to Use Bare Escentuals Natural Light Dual Powder

By Chantel Alise

Staying one step ahead of the competition is something that the Bare Escentuals line has down to a science. Perhaps that is because the company reads each and every letter or piece of email sent by their customers. They look at requests and recommendations, and tabulate them when it becomes abundantly clear that a new idea or concept is called for. The company readily admits when a new product has resulted from a customer recommendation, often naming the product after the consumer. Bare Escentuals' Natural Light Face Lifting Dual Powder is such a product. It consists of two micronized powders: Well-Lit and Back-Lit. Both have their own part in making certain that a woman looks her very best, night or day; in natural or artificial light. Both products work together to help give the appearance of a face lift; all with 100 percent pure minerals.

Step 1

Prepare skin properly before applying any Bare Escentuals product. At the very least, thoroughly cleanse the skin with a favorite cleanser. Pat it dry with a soft towel. Those who use a skin care regimen should apply those products and allow them to dry before moving on to the next step.

Step 2

Use Back-Lit as a light diffuser to abate attention away from facial shadows like those that naturally occur around the nose, lip, and cheeks. Dip a small- to medium-sized makeup brush into the coral bronze micronized powder. Tap off any excess powder. Then, sweep Well Lit into those areas where you want to diffuse light.

Step 3

Dab a bit of extra Back-Lit micronized powder on those hard to cover dark shadows using a concealer brush. Use the flat side of the brush to place the product perfectly in place.

Step 4

Apply Well-Lit to give areas of the face a natural looking facelift around the eyes and across the cheekbone. Swirl a small- to medium-sized makeup brush into the pearlescent micronized powder. Tap off any excess powder. Then sweep the product onto the brow bone or across the tip of the cheeks.

Step 5

Dab a bit of Well-Lit into the inside and outside corners of the eye with a concealer or eye shadow brush.

Step 6

Swirl, tap and buff Back-Lit over bare skin with a medium-sized makeup brush on those days when full makeup isn't called for.

Step 7

Mix a small amount of either Back-Lit or Well-Lit in into any Bare Minerals foundation to give it a slight light reflecting power.

Step 8

Mix a small amount of Well-Lit in with any Bare Escentuals blush to bring a bit of airy lightness to the cheek area.

Step 9

Use a damp lip brush dipped into Well-Lit to create a great highlighting shimmer for the lips. Dab a small amount of the pearlized powder into the center of the top and/or bottom lip.