How to Blend Face Makeup Into the Neck. Foundation is the base for the rest of all of the makeup that you wear. Properly applied foundation creates an even-toned and natural look. It's important to blend the makeup from the face into the neck without leaving lines between the two.

Stand in front of a mirror in a well lit room. Note the difference in skin tone between your face and your neck.

Choose makeup for your neck that matches the skin tone of your face.

Choose a large, fluffy and round brush to apply powder foundation. Pick up powder foundation from the edge of the container with only one side of the brush. Pick up only a small amount of powder on the fibers of the brush at a time. Use the brush to distribute the makeup evenly across the skin.

Apply powder foundation onto the neck along the jaw line and under the chin. Work from the chin out towards the jaw line and then down onto the neck. Use a downward stroke to minimize the impact of the brush on facial hair. Make sure there's no separation of color or visible line between the face and the neck.

Use a damp sponge if you choose a liquid foundation. Pour a small amount of makeup onto the top of your hand. Dip the sponge into the makeup. Smooth the sponge across the jaw line. Use downward strokes to blend the makeup over the jaw line and onto the neck. Check for separation of colors and visible lines.

Set the foundation with a light dusting of matching powder. Gently pat the brush onto the skin of the face and edge of the neck. Move the brush lightly in a circular motion to keep the foundation intact.

Brush a bronzer, a powder that is a mix of the two shades of foundation, onto the neck and around the jaw line. Use a circular motion to buff the makeup into the skin. Brush along the jaw line to erase any remaining lines between the face and the neck.


The skin should always be clean and freshly washed before you apply any makeup. If your skin is dry, apply a water-based moisturizer before applying foundation. When you use a damp sponge instead of a dry one to apply liquid makeup, the makeup is easier to apply and the sponge won't absorb extra makeup. Always apply foundation first, then follow with the rest of your makeup routine.