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Blue veins can show through all over your body, especially if your skin is very pale. While not medically problematic, these can be bothersome and difficult to conceal, especially if they are on your face or eye area. According to “Cosmopolitan,” the bluish tone under your eyes is the result of blood pooling beneath them and, because eye skin is thin, the discolorations are more visible. Reduce the appearance of blue veins all over your face by using makeup designed to even out discolorations and give you a more uniform complexion.

Use a facial cleanser of your choice to wash your face at the start of each day. Dry face, then apply a skin cream that contains antioxidants. According to “Cosmopolitan,” ingredients like vitamin C and soy will enhance your skin’s collagen, helping blue veins to appear less noticeable and giving you a more uniform and suppler complexion overall. Dab the cream all over your face and blend it in gently using the tips of your fingers.

Dot an eye serum underneath and around your eyes to reduce the look of bluish dark circles. According to “Cosmopolitan,” serums formulated with sea algae, chamomile and other types of botanicals work to firm up the skin around your eyes, as well as temporarily shrink blood vessels and minimize dark circles. Gently pat the eye serum into the skin and allow it to absorb for a minute.

Apply a yellow-toned concealer, which “Marie Claire” says will neutralize bluish tones. Choose a creamy formula that is easy to blend in, and use your finger to dab some on any blue areas on your face or around your eyes. Pat the concealer into your skin and repeat until the discolorations are diminished.

Follow up with an illuminating concealer or foundation that matches your skin tone. Makeup artist Pati Dubroff says makeup that contains light-reflectors will help further disguise dark or bluish tones, while the skin-toned pigment will camouflage any yellow tones the other concealer left behind. Use your finger or a makeup sponge to apply the concealer or foundation, blending it all over your face to create a uniform look. Do not rub or smear this product over your skin, however, because it may remove the yellow makeup previously applied.

Sweep on a loose powder that matches your skin tone to keep your makeup in place throughout the day, according to “Marie Claire.” Dab a makeup brush into the powder and tap off the excess, then lightly sweep it over your face.