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The best makeup for women over 50 are moisturizing products that leave the skin with a healthy glow. The foundation, blush, eyeshadow and lipsticks used should be in shades that enhance the skin's natural color while reflecting light to reduce the look of imperfections. Many products on the market today contain anti-aging ingredients and sunscreens to help repair and protect the skin from further damage. These products give the skin a healthy, youthful appearance.

The Best Foundation

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Women over 50 should use a moisturizing foundation that has a dewy finish or that contains light-reflecting particles. This will diminish the look of wrinkles on the face while moisturizing the skin. The dewy finish and light-reflecting particles will make the skin appear more youthful as it gives a healthy shine to the face and diffuses the appearance of imperfections. If you already have a favorite foundation but it is not moisturizing, mix it with a little moisturizer in your hand before applying. It is important to apply a thin layer of foundation, as too much will just appear cakey and enhance wrinkles. It is also important to wear a foundation that contains a sunscreen to protect the skin from further sun damage. With the use of new technology, many foundations on the market today are targeted specifically to aging skin and contain antioxidants, vitamins, skin-tightening ingredients and other anti-aging properties.

The Best Blush

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The best blush for women over 50 to wear is a moisturizing cream blush that contains light-reflecting particles. The light-reflecting particles will diffuse the look of wrinkles and the creaminess of the blush will provide a dewy finish, presenting a youthful appearance. According to Care Fair, women over 50 should avoid applying the blush to the cheekbones because it can cause the face to look overly thin; it should instead be applied to the apples of the cheeks. There are many cream blushes on the market today that are made with antioxidants, vitamins and anti-aging ingredients, which help nourish and repair the skin.

Eyes and Lips

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Women over 50 should wear light colors on the eyes and avoid heavy, dark shades and liners. To keep the eyes bright and open, an eye-brightening pencil can be used in the corners of the eyes. These pencils are usually a very light, frosty color and make the eyes appear more awake and open. It can also be used along the brow bone, which makes the eyes look as if they are more open and lifted. Thin brows should be avoided, as they age the face, and the natural brows should be colored in to add structure to the eye area. Eye shadows should be used in lighter shades, with only dark shades to contour, and mascara should be used on the upper lashes only to help the eyes appear larger. As for the lips, women over 50 should stay away from matte lipsticks, which can emphasize lines, and instead use moisturizing cream lipsticks or glosses. A neutral lip liner can be used just outside the natural lip line to make the lips appear fuller. According to Flourish Over 50, the best color to use is a pink because darker colors make the lips appear smaller and pink can counteract any dullness in the complexion, brightening the face. Many lipsticks now contain sunscreen, which can help protect the lips from sun damage.