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Most women have facial hair, whether it's just those little baby hairs on the side of the face that are practically invisible or the more pronounced hairs that sit around the eyes and mouth. Mustaches are a particularly difficult and embarrassing issue for many women, and bleaching can be difficult to keep up and harsh on the skin. Makeup is an ideal alternative to the pain of waxing, tweezing or threading those little lip hairs. The right makeup can effectively cover any unwanted mustache hairs for the day.

Scrub and Cleanse

Wash your face with a gentle facial cleanser to remove any excess oil or dirt and prepare the skin for makeup application. You may also apply a gentle exfoliating scrub to remove dead skin cells. Rinse off all products thoroughly and pat your skin dry. Both of these steps can make it easier to cover up facial hair.

Moisturize and Prime

Apply a soothing facial moisturizer to the skin, which will help soften the skin cells. Apply a primer to your entire face after the moisturizer has been well-blended into the skin. A makeup primer is the key to getting makeup to lay flat and smooth on the skin over the hair and to add even color to the skin.

Apply Foundation

Pour a small amount of foundation on the back of your hand. Dip a foundation brush into the makeup so that it sits evenly on the bristles. Brush the foundation over your upper lip moving from just underneath the nose down to your lips, following the way the hairs grow. Brush the makeup over the lip area a couple of times until the foundation is well-blended and all of the hairs are covered. Apply foundation to the rest of your face to as well to ensure that your whole complexion is even.


Dip a small, structured concealer brush into the foundation and brush over any areas of the upper lip that need extra coverage or to further blend any areas that need it. Use quick, gentle motions to apply the concealer and to avoid moving the makeup around too much.

Set in Place

Apply a light, sheer powder over the makeup very sparingly using a large, clean blush brush. Powder can make the hairs on your face stand out more, but a small amount will help set the foundation into place on your upper lip and increase the longevity of the makeup.