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Ultra makeup coverage is the key for a flawless "femme" look, especially when it comes to facial hair. Unfortunately, even after a clean, close shave, a shadow of a beard can emerge, ruining the effect. The great news is that there are products on the market and standard tricks of the trade to hide the beard and reveal a more natural beauty.

DermaBlend Foundation

For a flawless complexion, Dermablend Cover Creme Foundation is custom made to cover that pesky five o'clock shadow. It's important to start with a clean, close shave before application. Dab the Dermablend with a cosmetic sponge, adding a bit more coverage to the beard and mustache area. This product comes in many skin tones and is found online or in makeup stores. DermaBlend also works well with scars, skin discoloration and birthmarks.

Pink Goo

Mehron Performance Makeup's "Clown Pink," also know as "pink goo," works well, especially covering darker beards. The pink coloring of the makeup counteracts with the beard's more bluish tint. A small amount of goo goes a long way, and it's easy to apply with just a cosmetic sponge and a few dabs smoothed over the mustache and beard area. Afterward, apply a foundation that matches the skin tone to cover the pink tint to create a flawless look. Brush on loose facial powder to set makeup and reduce shine.


Believe it or not, lipstick is a cool trick of the trade, and the cheaper and redder the shade, the better. Just dot the lipstick over the beard and mustache area, blend with foundation and brush with loose powder to set the makeup. The red pigment of the lipstick counteracts with the bluish tints of the beard, so it works well for covering birthmarks and bruises, too.


Max Factor's PanStick has been a popular item for beard coverage over the years. The foundation offers maximum coverage, is waterproof and easy to take on and off. This product works best on a clean -- and clean-shaven -- well-moisturized face. Using a cosmetic sponge, blend the entire face and set with facial powder using a large makeup brush. The product may be discontinued in the United States but can be ordered online.