how to get rid of the dimple in your chin

Ancient civilizations like Rome, associated cleft or dimpled chins with virility. Rome's great soldier, Marc Antony, was said to have this facial feature. Today, many people find this trait sexy, while others wish it were less noticeable. You can't erase a chin dimple, but you may be able to camouflage it with makeup. This will be difficult for very deep dimples, but hiding shallow ones don't require too much work. The key to covering dimples is to play up the other features with highlighting techniques and by darkening the cleft.

Cleanse and moisturize the facial skin, including the chin. This will give you a smoother surface to work with.

Apply wrinkle filler to the cleft or dimple in the chin. Use the applicator pen, if using a pen product. If not, dab the filler on, using the tip of clean cotton swab. Wrinkle filler will dry and fill in the spot. Do not over apply it.

Allow the filler to dry for two or three minutes, before applying concealer. Applying concealer prematurely will remove the filler. Tap the concealer on gently, without disturbing your wrinkle filler.

Wet a makeup sponge with liquid makeup. Press the sponge on your face, applying the makeup evenly. Allow the makeup to dry completely, before setting it with loose powder and a kabuki brush.

Touch the chin, cheeks and forehead lightly with bronzer and a bronzing brush. Sweep on highlighting powder to the outer edge of eyes. This two-step trick, draws the eye of an onlooker to your eyes and makes the chin less visible.


Downplay lips with a light color, to keep attention on your eyes and nose.


Some wrinkle fillers make the skin look dried out, if over applied.