How to Hide a Stye With Makeup. A stye is a bacterially infected and inflamed eyelash follicle that can be unattractive and inconvenient. However, it is often harmless. If left alone, a stye should clear in just a few days. In the meantime, you can hide it with makeup.

Use a yellow-toned base makeup or cover stick to mask the redness of a stye. Yellow tones counteract the rosiness in the skin caused by the inflammation associated with a stye.

Apply a bold, dark color close to the eyelashes to cover the inflammation and redness. Using a dark color near the lash line can hide the bulge of a stye and reduce the shadows that come with lighter makeup colors and glittery color choices.

Wear a wide sweep of eyeliner or smudge it slightly for a smoky eye. While you should go easy on applying makeup directly to the stye, an eyeliner that hovers just above the lash line, or that you smudge lightly, can mask the area with little or no irritation.

Consider fake lashes to cover and detract from the stye. Apply the lashes slightly above the lash line to avoid irritating the stye. Blend your natural lashes and the fakes with mascara for a natural look that covers your stye.