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Malar bags, also known as festoon bags, are characterized by puffiness on the cheeks, just below the eyelids. Unlike puffy eyelids, malar bags are puffy due to the eyelid fat that is stored under the eyelid and is permanent. Even surgery cannot provide a permanent solution for malar bags; that’s why it’s helpful to have good makeup application tips to help correct malar bags, even if it’s only for the period you are wearing makeup.

Apply sliced cucumbers to your eyelids and leave it for about 15 to 20 minutes. Cucumbers act as a natural moisturizing agent and helps reduce puffiness. You can also use chamomile tea bags to reduce the puffiness associated with malar bags.

Apply a good concealer on your malar bags using your forefinger. Apply generously, but blend in thoroughly. The concealer should be one shade lighter or the same shade as your skin tone. Using it on your malar bags will help blend the discoloration and reduce the appearance of malar bags. You can choose from a tube or stick concealer for easy application.

Pick a foundation that comes as close as possible to matching your skin tone and use a sponge to evenly apply it on your face over the concealer. This will help give your overall face one color tone, minimizing the appearance of puffy eyes.

Go for bright red lips or enhanced cheek bones to draw attention away from your eyelids.