Dark, lush eyelashes are perfect for fluttering, but not everyone was born with perfect lashes. If you suffer with skimpy, pale lashes, there are things you can do to darken your lash line naturally. Besides getting darker lashes, you will see your lashes begin to look healthier and maybe even longer. Mascara will give you a temporary fix, but for a permanent change, begin using these natural methods for darker lashes. Apply the natural treatments to your eyes before you go to bed.

Things You'll Need

Dip a clean mascara brush into a tablespoon of olive oil.

Tap the excess oil from the brush onto a paper towel. This will prevent oil from seeping into your eye.

Place the mascara brush at the base of the top eyelashes and apply the oil by using a gentle sawing motion. Reapply the oil to the brush and repeat the step on the other top lash.

Apply the oil to the bottom lashes by touching the tip of the wand to your lashes.


  • You can substitute the olive oil with castor oil.

  • Another method for darkening lashes is to dab petroleum jelly on your fingers and rub it lightly on your eyelashes.