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Many people would like the look of longer, darker eyelashes. There even are medications available to help eyelashes to grow longer and darker, But like with all medications, there are some risks and side effects to these eyelash treatments. There is a way to get your eyelashes to look longer and darker naturally, without putting yourself at risk of potentially harmful side effects. You likely have everything you need, at home, to darken your eyelashes naturally.

Place some Vaseline onto your finger and rub it gently onto your eyelashes before you go to bed every night. Rub it into the eyelashes several times, taking care not to get it into your eyes.

Apply a thinner layer of Vaseline onto your eyelashes when you are getting ready in the morning, in place of mascara, to naturally make your eyelashes look darker.

Avoid rubbing or touching your eyes as much as possible. When you rub your eyes, this can cause eyelashes to fall out and make them appear thinner.

Eat a healthy diet to encourage eyelash growth. High-protein foods are good, as are foods with vitamins A, B and E, zinc, calcium, omega acids and biotin.


Castor oil also works well as an eyelash conditioner and darkener.