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Eyelash tinting is a temporary way to alter the color of a person’s eyelashes. This procedure is often performed in salons, but this comes with a large price tag. Homemade eyelash tint kits are also available, but these contain harmful chemicals that can cause damage to the eye and skin if improperly applied. Another alternative is to create a temporary, safe homemade eyelash tint that is manufactured from the same ingredients found in mineral makeup.

Pour 1/4 cup distilled water and 1 tsp. extra-virgin olive oil into a small bowl.

Add 2 tbsp. iron oxide pigment to the water and olive oil mixture. The iron oxide is available at beauty supply stores and is available in several different colors.

Wash your eyes and lashes with a cotton swab and eye-makeup remover.

Cover the area above the eyelash line on your eyelids and the soft area under your eyes with a layer of petroleum jelly. Apply the petroleum jelly with a cotton swab to provide a protective layer that will make clean up easier.

Dip an unused mascara wand into the iron oxide mixture and cover your upper and lower eyelashes with the mixture.

Allow the mixture to remain for 15 minutes before wiping any excess off with a piece of toilet paper. The eyelash dye is temporary and will last for one or two washes.


For a more permanent, although still temporary, alternative, use a homemade eyelash tint that is available for purchase at beauty supply stores.