How to Tell If a Chi Hair Iron Is Fake

By Robin McDaniel

The Chi hair iron is a flat iron that is well known for its innovative technology. It is designed ergonomically for easy handling and has a ceramic face on each interior side to ensure even heat distribution. Chi is well known for professional quality, and because of this, there are many imitators who claim they are selling the Chi hair iron. Here are some ways to determine if you have an actual Chi iron or a fake.

Tell If a Chi Hair Iron Is Fake

Step 1

Look at the plug on the flat iron. If it does not have three prongs and a reset button, it is probably a fake. According to ebeautysalon, the only Chi irons to date that do not follow this rule are the Chi Mini 1-inch and the Chi Digital Nano 1.25-inch. The power cord will be UL-Certified as well.

Step 2

Check the stickers and logos on the hair iron. On a fake Chi iron there may be a sticker that is silver in color next to the switch. Real Chi flat irons do not have stickers. In addition, the logos may be off center and look cheap.

Step 3

Check the handle for any electrical information such as wattage and settings. The Chi hair iron will have this information embedded in the handle of the flat iron.

Step 4

Read the manual. A real Chi hair iron will have a manual that contains numbers that you can call for support. In addition, they will be able to verify if the Chi you purchased is authentic by the model number on your product.

Step 5

Verify that the LED light on your hair iron stays translucent when it is off. A fake hair iron will have an LED light that is red whether in the "on" or "off" position. The real Chi hair iron will have a red light when "on," but be opaque when in the "off" position.

Step 6

See if there is information beside the power switch on the iron. The real Chi iron has information embedded in the surface of the iron. A fake Chi will not have this information and may contain a sticker instead.