rustic traditional waffle with butter and maple syrup

There are many reasons to use a stove top waffle iron, such as wanting to avoid nonstick surfaces and desiring the more crispy product that waffle irons make. Stove top waffle irons are a popular choice today, despite their old-fashioned styling. They can be used over a campfire or in a fireplace for family camping treats, and they are ideal for creating deep-holed Belgian waffles for a special dessert.

Mix up your favorite waffle batter recipe. Begin with a basic recipe while you're learning to use the waffle iron, and experiment with different flavors later.

Turn the stove burner to medium heat and place the waffle iron on top of the burner. Allow the iron to heat for about two minutes. Turn the waffle iron over and allow the other side to heat as well. Many waffle iron models do not have insulated handles, so make sure to use oven mitts.

Remove the waffle iron from the heat. Open the iron and carefully brush both surfaces with a thin coating of vegetable oil.

Place the iron back onto the burner, leaving it open. Ladle a spoonful of batter onto the bottom half of the waffle iron. Connect and close the top of the iron. Leave the waffle iron in place for about 90 seconds.

Hold the handles tightly together and flip the waffle iron over to cook the other side of the waffle. After about 60 seconds, open the iron slightly to check the waffle. When both sides of the waffle are golden brown, remove the iron from the stove and open over a plate. If the waffle sticks, use a fork to gently remove it from the iron.


Reheat the waffle iron in between each waffle. The initial heat from the iron is what makes the waffles so crispy.