Cooking Instructions For The Nordic Ware Waffle Iron

By Daisy Cuinn

The Nordic Ware waffle iron makes Belgian-style waffles on the stovetop. Made of cast metal, it has an old-fashioned manual design -- with the modern addition of a nonstick coating -- and uses no electricity on its own. Before using the waffler, wash gently in hot water with mild soap. You'll need a good recipe for Belgian waffles -- use the recipe that comes with the waffler or find another.

Belgian waffles can serve as the base of desserts or served for breakfast.

Step 1

Spray the inside of the waffle iron with cooking spray.

Step 2

Turn a large stovetop burner to medium heat. Place the waffle iron on the burner and heat for about three minutes. Turn over and heat the other side for three minutes.

Step 3

Open the waffle iron an pour about 1 1/4 cups Belgian waffle batter into the center of one side. Close quickly and cook about 45 seconds. Flip the waffle iron over and cook until steam stops coming from the iron. Waffles should take three to four minutes to fully bake and should be golden brown when done.

Step 4

Remove the waffle iron from the heat and open. Use a fork to pop the waffle out of the iron, and place it on a plate. The waffle should come out easily if the recipe was followed and the iron was properly heated before adding the batter.

Step 5

Place the waffle iron back on the heat with the same side touching the burner as when you finished the previous waffle. Repeat the process for cooking more waffles.