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There is something special about homemade waffles. Making them on a George Foreman Grilleration grill using the waffle plates is an easy way to treat the entire family. Once you have successfully cooked your first few waffles, you will probably want to make a few extras to freeze and reheat for a quick sweet snack.

Prepare the batter for the type and number of waffles you want by following the directions for the waffle mix you will be using. Fill the glass measuring cup with the prepared batter to the 1 3/4 cup level and set aside.

Ensure the grill is turned off. Lightly spray the top and bottom waffle grill plates with cooking spray. Attach both grill plates to the grill unit. It is easier to attach the left side of each grill plate first, then the right side. You should hear and feel the plates latch into place on each side. Pull up on the grill plate handles on both sides gently to make sure they are securely attached. Make sure the grill is on a level surface.

Turn the heat dial to the highest setting. This will heat the grill to approximately 360 degrees. Close the grill top and allow the unit to preheat. It is normal to see a small amount of steam escaping from the sides during this time. When the grill has reached the selected temperature, the red heat indicator light on the grill top will light.

Pour your premixed waffle batter from the glass measuring cup into the center of the bottom waffle plate slowly and carefully. Keep pouring the batter until it covers the entire grill plate. Do not close the grill top at this point. Watch the batter in the bottom of the grill closely. When you see small bubbles forming around the outer edges of the waffles, and the batter no longer has a wet shiny appearance, which will occur after approximately 60 to 90 seconds, close the grill top and set the timer for five minutes.

Open the grill top when the timer runs out. If the waffles are the color you want, unplug the grill. Keep the lid open to allow the waffles to cool for at least two minutes before removing them from the grill. If you want darker waffles, keep the grill plugged in and close the grill lid. Do not change the heat setting. Set the timer for another two to three minutes cooking time before unplugging the grill.

Remove the waffle from the grill with the plastic spatula by first cutting the waffle in half along the center indentation. Use plastic tongs to lift and transfer each waffle onto a plate.


Do not open the grill during cooking. If the grill is opened too soon, the tops of the waffles will separate from the bottoms.


Use pot holders or oven mitts when handling the hot grill plates to avoid burns.