Homemade French Crepes

There isn't a better way to start the day than with light and fluffy crepes. Crepes are lighter than pancakes and paper thin, yet can be stuffed with any variety of fillings from cream cheese to strawberry compote to chicken and bell peppers. An electric crepe maker takes some of the guesswork out of making crepes and offers you evenly cooked, perfectly formed crepes, every time.

Wipe the cold surface of your electric crepe maker with a damp, lint-free cloth removing any dust buildup. Spray or wipe butter on the non-stick coating. Plug the maker into a free wall outlet close to the area where you will be working. Place the maker to the side as it preheats for a few minutes or until the ready light comes on.

Mix your crepe batter in a large mixing bowl until completely mixed and thin. Pour some of the batter into a pie pan or something similar. Fill up about an inch.

Hold the handle of the crepe maker and dip the hot pan surface into the batter in the pie pan. Quickly flip the pan back over. The surface should now be lightly coated with batter and cooking. After a few seconds, the crepe will be firm and golden. Some makers will have a ready light to indicate when done.

Turn the crepe maker over on a plate or serving dish. The finished crepe will now drop down onto the dish or plate. If the crepe has not dropped, lightly use a butter knife to help it peel off. Avoid scraping, as this will rip the crepe or damage the cooking surface. Repeat steps 3 and 4 until the batter is all used.