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Rusk Thermal Shiny Str8 is a formaldehyde-free permanent straightener that is designed to be used with the Rusk Ceramic Str8 iron. This intensive reconditioning system straightens extremely curly hair without the use of harsh chemicals, which can strip hair of essential nutrients. The Rusk Shiny Str8 system uses a Thermplex formula, which when activated by heat, straightens the hair from the inside out and eliminates frizz. This system features soy and wheat proteins, vitamin B5 and keratin amino acids, which deeply moisturize, condition and strengthen hair, leaving it smooth, soft and manageable.

Apply the Internal Retexturing Cream to the hair using a Rusk brush. The Rusk company recommends using these brushes since they are infused with ceramic and titanium, and will work better with this system.

Thoroughly comb the cream through the hair. Pay special attention to the roots and ends. Processing time will vary depending on the length and type of hair.

Rinse the hair thoroughly, and blow it dry.

Start at the crown of the head, and separate the hair into 1-inch sections. Use hair clamps to secure the hair.

Lift one section of hair and position the Str8 iron as close to the roots as possible -- without touching the scalp. Place the hair in between the plates and press the iron closed. Slide the iron down until it reaches the ends of the hair. Repeat this process until all of the hair is straightened.

Apply the Internal Reconstruction Lotion to the dried, straightened hair. Allow the lotion to process for five to seven minutes once fully applied.

Rinse the hair out thoroughly. Condition with Thermal Str8 Protective conditioner and blow dry.

Finish the treatment using the Str8 iron as instructed.