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Straightening men's afro hair can be a complicated task that requires regular maintenance. Various chemical relaxers may be employed, depending on the requirements of individual hair types. It is generally not advisable to use a chemical relaxer without first consulting a hair professional. It is possible, however, to straighten afro hair using equipment found at home.

Wash hair and do not allow it to dry completely.

Comb conditioning oil through sections of hair using the blow drier with comb attachment on a high power setting. Each section should be no wider than the comb attachment itself.

Spin 1-inch sections of dried, straightened hair onto the heated curling rod. This will reinforce the straightening provided by the blow drier and conditioning oil. If the hair is not long enough to use a curling rod, move on to the next step.

Brush a heated hot comb through the straight hair, working through the hair in sections no wider than the hot comb and adding light amounts of conditioning oil as required.

Apply light conditioning oil to the entire head and flat iron the hair. Work with small sections that easily fit between the plates of the flat iron. Where possible use a flat iron with ceramic plates as they generally reach higher temperatures and give the hair a better finish.