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Hair straightening is a technique that involves softening or eliminating curls or waves from the hair. There are numerous ways in which hair may be straightened, such as using a hot iron, straightening brush, or chemical relaxer. Chemical relaxers are a more permanent way to straighten the hair. They act in much the same way as a permanent wave, only instead of curling the hair, relaxers help to straighten it. Chemical hair straightening can be costly if done by a professional. However, there is a cheaper alternative called Easy Straight. Easy Straight is a relatively inexpensive hair straightening system that can be used by non-professionals right in their own homes.

Cleanse the hair to be straightened with a mild conditioning shampoo. Towel-dry the hair by squeezing out the excess moisture using a towel. Squeeze the hair in small sections from the top of the head toward the bottom. This will help to keep the hair smooth and tangle free. Never rub the hair when towel-drying as this can cause the hair to become tangled and frizzy.

Divide the hair into six sections using a comb, and secure each section with a plastic hair clip. Put on a pair of plastic or latex gloves and apply the straightening cream quickly to each section of the hair. Start with the front sections and work toward the back of the head. Apply the straightening cream 1/2 inch away from the roots and work it down to the ends of the hair using a spatula or a hair coloring brush. Let the hair process the cream no longer than 30 minutes. Gently massage and comb through each section of hair to make sure the hair is evenly coated with the straightening cream.

Rinse the hair with tepid water until all of the straightening cream washes out. However, do not use shampoo during this process. Blow-dry the hair from the roots to the ends, using only your hands and a blow-dryer. Do not use a brush or comb at this time. Use a flatiron to further straighten the hair. Apply the neutralizing solution to the hair for the proper amount of time as listed on the product instructions included with the hair straightening system -- approximately two to five minutes.

Rinse the hair under tepid running water for three minutes. Apply a gentle conditioning shampoo to the hair and rinse. Repeat this process two more times to make sure the straightening cream and neutralizer are completely washed out of the hair. Apply and massage moisturizing reconstructor into the hair, place a plastic cap over the hair for 30 minutes, and rinse thoroughly with cool water.

Dry the hair by using the towel-drying technique from Step 1. Apply shine sealer to damp hair and work thoroughly through the hair. Blow-dry and style the hair.