how to remove slime from hair

When slime gets stuck in the hair, things can get pretty messy. Luckily removing slime and gunk from hair is as simple as reaching for the nearest clarifying shampoo. Clarifying shampoos are specially formulated with surfactants like sodium lauryl sulfate to remove stubborn dirt and product buildup. Though these clarifying shampoos are safe to use, they should only be used sparingly to remove tough buildup because they can be drying to the hair and scalp. And remember, hair should also always be thoroughly conditioned after using a clarifying shampoo.

Slowly run warm water over your head. This will begin to break up the slime and help rinse it away. Use your fingers to carefully lift the hair and free up any lingering slime.

Apply a quarter-sized amount of a clarifying shampoo like Pantene Purity Clarifying Shampoo to your hands. Rub your hands together to evenly distribute the product, and smooth the shampoo throughout your hair. Avoid getting the shampoo on your scalp, if possible, as this can lead to dryness.

Work the clarifying shampoo into a rich lather using a downward scrunching motion. Do not pile the hair on your head or rub through the strands. Keeping the cuticles smoothed downward during the shampoo application will create less tangling.

Rinse the shampoo from the hair thoroughly. If slime remains stuck in the hair, repeat Steps 1 through 3.

Optional: Apply a moisturizing shampoo to the hair in the same manner in which the clarifying shampoo was applied in Steps 1 through 3. Rinse thoroughly. A moisturizing shampoo will continue to gently cleanse the hair and reduce any tangling the clarifying shampoo may have caused. This shampoo formula will start to condition your hair and prepare your hair for a moisturizing conditioner.

Apply a moisturizing conditioner to the hair and allow it to remain on the strands for 10 to 15 minutes. Focus the conditioner cream on the ends of your hair.

Rinse the conditioner thoroughly from the hair.

Apply a leave-in conditioner or detangling spray to the hair.

Carefully detangle your hair with your fingers. Use a wide-toothed comb to remove any additional tangles.

Dry the hair, and style as desired.


If your clarifying shampoo is gentle and does not cause excessive tangling, then moisturizing shampoo can be skipped.