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Brazilian blowout is also referred to as Brazilian keratin treatment. It is used to turn frizzy curls into straight tresses. It temporarily straightens out the hair by sealing it with a preservative solution and liquid keratin. Running a flat iron down the hair pulls the tresses straight. Unlike most conditioners, the keratin seals the hair cuticles instead of breaking them. By trapping moisture, it leaves a glossy finish.

Rinse your hair immediately. This will not remove the Brazilian blowout instantly, but it will slow down its action on the hair cuticles. Ideally, hair treated with a Brazilian blowout should not be washed until the fourth day.

Shampoo the hair. You should use a shampoo containing sodium chloride. To hasten the action of the shampoo, mix a teaspoon of table salt with a tablespoon of the shampoo. Sodium chloride removes keratin from the hair follicles and speed up the removal of the treatment.

Wash and shampoo the hair the same way at least twice a day. Do this until the Brazilian blowout is fully removed. This may take a while. The treatment carries for four months. However, the removal process can take far shorter.