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Finding a flat iron that straightens your hair without lasting damage to your hair is no easy task. This is why customers of Chi Flat Irons will not part with them. However, continued usage can cause wear and tear on the cords, which unfortunately can wear out over time. You may replace the cord instead of buying a new flat iron.


Farouk Industries developed Chi flat irons. Farouk was founded by Farouk Shami, a former hair stylist who wanted to develop products that were less damaging to hair than traditional appliances. As a result, the Chi Flat Iron uses ceramic plates instead of the traditional metal ones. Chi tools are popular styling tools, and as a result, you have to be careful that you buy an authentic Chi flat iron from an authorized dealer.

Proper Care

To extend the life of a Chi flat iron, do not wrap the cord around the iron or allow the iron to dangle from the cord at any time. Wrapping the cord around the iron leads to the wiring in the swivel connector fraying; dangling the iron puts unnecessary weight on the connector. Frayed wires can lead to a short, which is a fire hazard.


Fixing your Chi Flat Iron is not an endeavor to take upon yourself unless you are very experienced with small electrical appliances. If your authentic Chi flat iron wears out in a year, the company's warranty automatically covers it. For a small shipping and handling fee, Farouk Industries will repair your flat iron in its factory facilities in Houston, Texas.

Repair without Warranty

If your Chi Flat Iron is not under warranty, then send it to the authorized Chi repair service, Salon Art, a division of Salon Magik. After applying for a repair service number online through Salon Magik, ship your iron to the service center in Washington state. The repair service has a flat fee for parts and labor.

Replacement Iron

Salon Magik offers replacement irons that are refurbished for about half of the retail price on their website. Farouk Industries does not. Their repair website will assign you an SRN, a Service Repair Number, which will help you keep track of your flat iron and check online for repair status.

Future Prevention

Once repaired, do not wrap the cord of your Chi Flat Iron around the barrel of the product. Lay it straight out beside it if possible, wrapping it in a loose s-shaped pattern. Also do not allow your flat iron to dangle from the cord, hanging over a table or a workstation. This will put unnecessary stress on the swivel connector and will damage it permanently.