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Gucci, a well-known luxury brand, is sold worldwide. The brand is known for its opulent products, including wristwatches, clothing, shoes, handbags and sunglasses. If you have spent money on Gucci sunglasses, you'll want them to last for quite a while. And if they break, you'll want to get them repaired rather than pay a small fortune for a brand-new pair.

Assess the problem with your Gucci sunglasses. Simple problems such as scratched lenses or missing screws may be easier to fix than other issues.

Take your Gucci sunglasses to your local optometry office. They should have simple repair services for easy-to-fix issues like the ones previously mentioned. However, they may be unable to repair your glasses themselves.

If so, find an authorized Gucci point of distribution. Your sunglasses can be repaired through Gucci if they were purchased at a Gucci authorized point of distribution, such as a Gucci store or department store. The store where you purchased them is likely an authorized Gucci point of distribution — this will be a good place to start.

Send in your sunglasses. The Gucci point of distribution can send your sunglasses in for repair, or you can mail in your glasses to Gucci’s sunglass customer and repair service center yourself. The address where you should send it can be found on Gucci’s main website.