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Known for their fantastic style and quality, Gucci belts are very on trend these days and in high demand. Gucci belts, like much of the coveted brand's clothing and accessories, aren't affordable and many false replicas are made. Don't bring home a knock-off instead of the authentic belt you're dreaming of.

Steps to Ensure an Authentic Purchase

Consider the vendor. Buying a Gucci item from a street vendor is almost always going to result with a fake purchase. Vintage and resale shops are more reliable, but make sure to speak to the salesperson or owner to inquire about the authenticity and the information they on the belt. Discount stores and sales at larger department stores can certainly be trusted, since they regularly distribute Gucci items.

Be sure to observe the price of your possible purchase, and be realistic. If the belt is marked at half the price of a regular Gucci belt, chances are it's fake. In most cases, if the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.

Study and inspect the belt buckle. All Gucci products are made in Italy, and will be marked as so. Real Gucci belts also have a serial number located on the leather part of the belt. Make sure to check the belt to see if it has a serial number, if one isn't there, it is a fake.

Make sure that the tag and belt are free of any misspellings. This is a vital step, since true Gucci belts never misspell anything. Forgers often misspell words in their products.

Visit the Gucci website and examine the pictures of the belts you are looking to purchase. This site has authentic pictures, and gives you the ability to zoom in on the photos and see different views of the product. Knowing exactly how the belt looks will enable you to differentiate between real and fake Gucci.

Be sure to inspect the material of the belt. Authentic Gucci belts are made from top-quality leather, and will feel and smell as such. If the belt feels lightweight and thin, it is almost certainly a fake.


  • Always buy your Gucci belt from a reputable dealer, or directly from the Gucci website. Gucci has an authenticity guarantee.

  • The serial number on your Gucci belt can be entered on the website to prove its validity.