Hair Straighteners.
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Hair straighteners are innovative beauty tools that give you perfect, shiny and frizz-free straight hair. Finding the perfect hair straightener that works best on your hair is quite a feat, so when that hair straightener becomes damaged and stops working, it can be quite distressing and leave you desperate. Some problems with hair straighteners can be repaired yourself, whereas others are more technical or reparable only by a professional.

How to Repair a Hair Straightener

Diagnose the source of the problem with your hair straightener. If the metal plates get warm but not hot when heated, then they may need to be cleaned.

Remove the metal plates by using the screwdriver to unscrew the screws that hold them in place.

Dampen the washcloth in water, and use the damp washcloth to clean the plates and the area beneath them on the straightening tool.

Reattach the plates, and plug in the straightener to see if the cleaning fixed the problem.

Check your warranty if the problem is not fixed, or if the plates never heated at all to begin with. You may have a power source problem if cleaning does not repair the straightener, in which case you should call the manufacturer, discuss the problem with them, repackage the straightener and send it along with the warranty and proof of purchase to the manufacturer.


  • Send the package with a signature service if you must cash in on your warranty. This will serve as proof of mailing if your package gets lost in transit.