Ceramic hair straightener on white background

CHI ceramic flat irons are professional hairstyling irons that offer top-rated quality for straightening hair. But if a hinge breaks or the metal plates suddenly become unglued, your first thought might be to throw the flat iron away and buy a new one. Your second thought may be to get the flat iron repaired. The question is, where do you get a CHI ceramic flat iron repaired, and how much does it cost? Replacement parts are not sold by Farouk Systems, Inc., the creator of CHI flat irons. If you choose to get your CHI ceramic flat iron repaired, there are a few options.

Send your CHI ceramic flat iron to a repair shop. For example, SalonArt.biz repairs CHI flat irons for $30, regardless of the type of repair (shipping costs are at the customer’s expense). SalonArt.biz claims they can repair 95 percent of flat irons sent to them, including those with damaged cords, damaged cases, and faulty internal circuitry. If for any reason the flat iron cannot be repaired, you can purchase another flat iron from them or return costs are free.

There are a few companies that sell flat iron replacement parts online. If you think you can fix the flat iron yourself, purchase replacement parts and install them yourself.

Return your CHI ceramic flat iron to the store where you bought it. If you have the original receipt, you may be able to return the flat iron for a full refund. If you have lost the receipt, you still may be able to exchange your non-working flat iron for a new one. Some stores have a time limit on returns even with a receipt. Check the store for more information about its return policy.

Return your CHI ceramic flat iron to the manufacturer. CHI flat irons have a one-year warranty on irons purchased through professional salons or authorized dealers. The warranty does not include flat irons purchased online or from any other outlet. Farouk Systems will repair or replace its flat irons at no charge, minus a $15 shipping and handling fee at the customer's expense.